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Christopher Lloyd

Christopher Lloyd is co-founder of, and his work also appears in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, The Gainesville Sun, Ocala Star-Banner, The Current in Noblesville and his blog, Captain Critic. His work has also appeared in The Indianapolis Star, where he was a staff writer, movie critic and entertainment editor. Lloyd is also the film critic for WISH-TV, appearing weekly on Indy Style. Lloyd has been thinking and writing professionally about movies for nearly two decades, and has won numerous state and national journalism awards for his film criticism. He has a bachelor’s degree in cinema studies from New York University and a master’s from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.

OUTLETS:, Indy Style, Sarasota Herald-Tribune, Gainesville Sun, Ocala Star-Banner, and his own blog,

Joe Shearer

A film geek at heart, Joe Shearer ‘s love of cinema began in the drive-ins of Ft. Bragg, N.C., in the early 1980s, then Indianapolis theaters in the mid-to-late 80s, cutting his teeth on films like A Nightmare on Elm StreetHellhole, and Chopping MallBrewster’s Millions, Red Sonja, and D.A.R.Y.L. and was cemented in 1989 at the age of 11 when he saw Tim Burton’s Batman on opening night, kicking off a weekend-long marathon of film where he and his dad watched a total of 15 movies between Friday evening and Monday evening.

Joe began reviewing movies for INtake Magazine in April 2004 and wrote weekly reviews tirelessly as the magazine shifted to the Magazine, until November 2008.

In March 2009 Joe and Christopher Lloyd created The Film Yap, looking to create a permanent, high-quality movie review presence for Central Indiana. Also, if you could use the attached picture, I'd be most appreciative. Thanks!

An avid freelance writer, Joe has also written for MovieMaker MagazineTrap & FieldServoNorth, and College Bound Teen Magazine, maintained a parenting blog at Indy Parent Source and a parenting column for the weekly Current in Noblesville.

In the real world, Joe is a resident of Noblesville, Ind., has three children, all of whom he has immersed in moviedom.

You can reach Joe at



 Lou Harry

Lou Harry is the author of more than 25 books including Creative Block, Kid Culture, and The Encyclopedia of Guilty Pleasures. He has served as Arts & Entertainment Editor for the Indianapolis Business Journal before his current position with the Society of Professional Journalists; Lou has written for more than 50 publications including Variety and TheatreWeek. He is the recipient of a Creative Renewal Grant from the Arts Council of Indianapolis, has won numerous Society of Professional Journalists Awards, and was selected to attend the 2011 NEA Arts Journalism Institute in Theatre and Musical Theatre. He can be seen every Thursday on Fox59’s morning news and heard weekly on WIBC radio.

OUTLETS: Fox59 Morning News, WIBC-1070 FM Radio


Bob Bloom

Bob Bloom recently retired from being the longtime movie critic/Blu-ray-DVD reviewer for the Journal & Courier in Lafayette, Ind. Bob has been reviewing movies at the J&C since January 1993, and before that worked at newspapers in Springfield, Ohio, and Columbus, Ohio. In Springfield, Bob also wrote movie reviews and, in Columbus, was basically the second-string, fill-in movie reviewer. Bob has been reviewing Blu-rays/DVDs at the J&C for about 5-6 years now.

OUTLETS: ReelBob, The Film Yap, Lafayette Journal & Courier
Matthew Socey

Matt Socey is the host of WFYI’s Film Soceyology, on WFYI’s HD2 The Point and In addition to hosting Film Soceyology, Matt serves as the host of WFYI’s Blues House Party and is a regular director of theatrical productions around Central Indiana. Matt is also regularly featured in Nuvo Newsweekly.

OUTLETS: WFYI, Nuvo Newsweekly


Ed Johnson-Ott

Ed Johnson-Ott writes, mostly about movies, for the Indianapolis paper NUVO Newsweekly. He is the proud father of Donald, a man with special needs who comes up with remarkably inventive ways to make sure they are met. Ed has spent most of his life working with mentally-challenged individuals. He also makes music on occasion. In the late ’70s he recorded a solo album titled “Potential Collector’s Item” which actually became one. He later started the rock group The Future and served as front man and lead vocalist. The Future released two albums, “Whose Movie Is This, Anyway?” and “Summer of ’82.”
After getting involved in skydiving, he moved to Las Vegas to become the operations manager of FlyAway, a sports facility that teaches patrons how to freefall indoors in a vertical wind tunnel.

Back in Indianapolis in the late ’80s, Ed became a part of the radio program “The Bob and Tom Show,” contributing comedy pieces and doing movie reviews weekly on the show. He was later made host of the station’s talk show, “Sunday Night Live,” becoming Indiana’s first openly gay radio broadcaster.

After being sidelined by a major car wreck in 1992, Ed devoted his time to writing and became the lead movie reviewer for NUVO Newsweekly in 1996. He later was named film editor for the paper and continues to contribute weekly essays.

OUTLETS: Nuvo Newsweekly


Richard Propes

Richard Propes is the founder/publisher of, an Indianapolis-based film website with a focus on independent film. A freelance arts critic since his college days, Richard is also a nationally recognized child rights activist and popular inspirational speaker who has traveled over 3,000 miles by wheelchair on his annual “Tenderness Tour” events and has been recognized with the highest awards for community service in Indiana, Kentucky and from numerous non-profit organizations. Richard is the author of "The Hallelujah Life," “Imaginary Crimes,” The Secret Heart” and has had four plays produced in Central Indiana. He also served as Executive Producer on “Give a Girl a Chance,” a 2009 benefit compilation featuring local and national music artists. Richard has a strong commitment to using film to improve people’s lives and in 2017 produced the short film "Edmund Evans is a Rapist," following it up in 2019 by producing "Straight Outta Cowan," a live comedy performance by Central Indiana comics Rick Garrett and Jeremy Brown. Richard is widowed and a lifelong resident of Central Indiana. While the majority of Richard's work is exclusive to The Independent Critic, Richard has freelanced extensively for print and web-based media.

OUTLETS: The Independent Critic, Messenger Magazine


Nick Rogers

An Illinois native and award-winner both for film criticism and feature writing, Nick Rogers has been writing about film for professional news outlets since he was 16.

Before moving to Indiana in 2008, Rogers reviewed films for The Journal Standard and The State Journal-Register (daily newspapers in Illinois). His work was nationally syndicated through Copley News Service and, later, GateHouse News Service, and his film reviews from that time are archived at Rotten Tomatoes.

Rogers has also written for PlayboySFW, Playboy’s safe-for-work online hub of arts & culture, and appeared as a radio critic on WFYI-FM 90.1 and WIBC-FM 93.1 in Indianapolis and WTAX-AM 1240 in Springfield, Ill.

He currently reviews current and classic films for The Film Yap. In addition to his reviews, his special projects there include: a daily look back at the 365 best, and weekly look at the 52 worst, films of 2000 to 2009; in-depth essays about each of the James Bond films; and “Class of …” a monthly investigation into lesser-heralded or forgotten films celebrating their 20th or 30th anniversaries. Recently, Rogers also joined Evan Dossey's Midwest Film Journal. 

OUTLETS:, Midwest Film Journal


Caine Gardner

Caine Gardner’s first memory was watching the opening crawl of Star Wars: A New Hopedisappear into the night sky at the Meadowbrook Drive-In on U.S. 36 when he was four-years old. From that moment, he was hooked.

In addition to the Holy Trilogy, Caine grew up enjoying the fruits of ’70s and ’80s cinema such as Jaws, Rain Man and The Deer Hunter. Guilty pleasures also occupied much of his time, including Howard the Duck, Creepshow and Mannequin (Kim Cattrall was so hot).

Caine became the film reviewer extraordinaire for the Greencastle Banner Graphic in April 2008. In addition to writing film reviews, he is also the Banner Graphic’s sports editor.

Trivia: Caine received and viewed a reel-to-reel version of the original Star Wars in his youth over 200 times. He watched the film in a large closet with no sound.

Caine lives in Greencastle, IN, is married, has two beautiful daughters, and a psycho Jack Russell Terrier named Padmé.



Eric Harris

Eric Harris is a reporter for the Perry County News with his responsibilities including covering the latest and greatest in movie reviews. Eric also contributes his annual Top 10 for the Southern Indiana newspaper.

OUTLETS: Perry County News


Sam Watermeier

Sam Watermeier has been a film critic since practically before he was born, as he almost popped out of his mother's womb in a movie theater during the drawn-out conclusion of The Godfather Part III.

Sam got his professional start in 2009 at NUVO Newsweekly, where he now writes a weekly column called Indy Film Talk in which he explores the efforts of those in the Indiana film community  especially the horror directors holding funhouse mirrors up to our everyday fears. Sam also writes for The Film Yap, contributing reviews and commentaries, such as The Burton Binge, in which he wrote about each of Tim Burton's films leading up to his return to roots, Frankenweenie.

OUTLETS: Nuvo Newsweekly, The Film Yap, Midwest Film Journal

Andy Ray

Andy Ray’s interest in film began at an early age, but was solidified in college when he saw a midnight showing of Stanley Kubrick’s “A Clockwork Orange.”  He minored in film history & film criticism at DePauw University, and was president of the DePauw Classic Film Society his senior year.  During the 1980s, Andy reviewed films on various radio stations in Central Indiana and for the local Edinburgh newspaper.  After taking a long break to raise three wonderful children, Andy began reviewing for the Current In Carmel in 2005.  He is now the film critic for Current Publishing, Arts Channel Indy, and the radio  film critic for Indy Boomer Radio. 

Andy and his wife, Catherine, have hosted a total of five foreign exchange students through Foreign Links Around The Globe (FLAG), and through the Rotary Youth Exchange.  Andy has worked as a local coordinator for FLAG, and he & Catherine have chaperoned 51 Rotary students on a West Coast trip.  In his spare time, Andy sings in the St. Luke’s United Methodist Chancel Choir, and he is secretary of the Central Time Coalition, an independent group whose goal is to restore Central Time to all of Indiana.

Outlets: Arts Channel Indy, Current Night & Day

Evan Dossey

Evan Dossey's first film review was for the Clay Junior High newspaper in 2003; he hasn't stopped since. He graduated from Ball State University in 2012 with a degree in Anthropology. His primary outlet since 2012 has been, where he writes a semi-weekly column, “Movie Jibber Jabber,” as well as other reviews and commentary.  In 2017, Dossey and his wife, Aly, started their own web outlet, Midwest Film Journal. 

Outlets: Midwest Film Journal

Tony Schaab
Tony Schaab

Tony Schaab has many passions in life, but one that manifests itself routinely is a love of pop-culture and media - specifically writing, music, and movies.  He is the Chief Executive Officer of Russell Media, an online marketing firm.  He has also worked as a private-event Master of Ceremonies since 1999, having performed MC/DJ work for the NFL, MTV, NBA, IndyCar, PGA, Wizard World Comic Con, and over 500 weddings.  He is an award-winning freelance author/review critic and the creator of along with its accompanying book series, the first volume of which is an 8-time #1 best seller on Amazon's Pop Culture chart (Kindle, 2012-2016).  Tony lives in Indianapolis with his wife, daughter, and two rambunctious dogs.  Stay connected with Tony and learn more at


Emily Wheeler

An obsessive need to understand details combined with a love of film led Emily Wheeler into film criticism. She started as a contributor and became the Writer's Coordinator for Film Inquiry, where you can find her reviews, articles, and yearly top ten list.

Outlets: Film Inquiry 

Logan Bushey

Like most film critics, Logan's fascination with cinema began at an early age, practically living in front of the TV screen. This passion for film took him to Indiana University where he studied Telecommunications and led him to start his own website after graduating. He reviews multiple movies every week and annually shares a comprehensive Top 50 film guide for readers. As a lifelong resident of Fort Wayne, he has proudly served as a judge for the city's Hobnobben Film Festival, and when he's not at the local art house or one of the big theaters in town, Logan can typically be found in his home theater surrounded by an ever-growing film collection.



Brent Leuthold

Brent Leuthold is a long-time film enthusiast who started writing officially about cinema in 2014 on his personal website Awake in the Dark. Since that time, he has also created a bi-weekly podcast, also called Awake in the Dark, in which he discusses recent releases with friends and family members. He also writes film reviews on a weekly basis for the Fort Wayne-based newspaper Whatzup. Brent currently resides in Fort Wayne with his wife Aubree and their dog Ebert.

Outlets: Whatzup, Awake in the Dark


Aly Caviness

Aly Caviness is a lifelong film obsessive and co-owner/administrator of Midwest Film Journal. She blames Jack Sparrow for her master's degree in colonial Atlantic history and Guy Pearce for her marriage. Currently, she works at the Indiana Historical Society in the Archives & Library, where finds particular joy in perusing various artifacts from Hoosier film history. She has previously written for the Film Yap.

Outlets: Midwest Film Journal


Matt Hurt

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Hailing from Indianapolis, Matt Hurt's love of movies can be traced back to when he watched Scream at far too young an age. Seeing the characters speak in movie references made him want to know everything he could about movies. In the early 2000s, he would post reviews on IMDb and browse their message boards. He wrote for the Speedway High School newspaper his senior year and, after graduating in 2005, briefly attended the University of Southern Indiana for journalism.
Years later, Matt created as a blog to share his love of movies and TV with the world. Soon after, he and a friend created The Obsessive Viewer Podcast, which has become one of his biggest passions. Over the years, Matt has covered film festivals, obsessively tracked all of his movie watching, and grown The Obsessive Viewer brand into a multi-faceted beast of podcasts and live event coverage and hosting.
Outlets:, The Obsessive Viewer Podcast

Mitch Ringenberg
Mitch Ringenberg has written about film since his days at his high school newspaper, and is a staff writer for the Midwest Film Journal, where he regularly reviews new releases and participates in various columns, including his own "Schlock Art." He has a particular love for horror trash and downright bizarre cinema. Currently, Mitch lives in Carmel, IN as an English teacher. 
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