Joining Indiana Film Journalists Association

Many of IFJA's members, including those from The Film Yap, sponsor events in the community throughout the year!

IFJA Rules

Private screenings discouraged: One of the primary reasons IFJA was formed was to use our collective influence to combat the dwindling number of screenings provided in the Indianapolis market. As such, we want to discourage studios from scheduling screenings for a single critic. Any IFJA member offered a restricted screening must request that it be opened to all members: “Invite one, invite all” is our motto. If the request is denied, the member is free to attend the screening, but only after a good-faith effort to include everyone.

Junkets/Conduct: The IFJA has no specific policy prohibiting members from accepting junket trips from studios. However, our critics are expected at all times to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with professional journalistic standards: No agreement, implied or otherwise, for a positive review/coverage in exchange for access; no accepting of lavish gifts; no agreeing to have prewritten quotes attributed to your name; and so forth.

Awards: Like most regional critics groups, the IFJA gives out annual awards to recognize the best and brightest of the movie year. Members must endeavor to watch as much of the field of potential nominees as possible. And they must be available and participate in the balloting process, which typically takes place the second week of December.

To receive consideration for membership in the Indiana Film Journalists Association, please contact Christopher Lloyd @ for additional information and to receive an application!

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